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"Her smoky alto is a striking instrument, but the way she harnesses its earthy power reflects a maturity that's also found in her frank songwriting. The result is a combination of polished craft and gut-level emotion that is a knockout, and earns Sicilia the right to comparisons between herself and James."
- Philadelphia Inquirer
 "...Sounding like a Petri dish mixture of mature Maria Muldaur and mature Bonnie Raitt, this mostly original set is going to force the blues world to take notice of Sicilia all over again as she adds the rhythm to the blues and brings on the soul. A solid set from a vocalist with real chops that just keep getting honed sharper, contemporary blues vocal fans will find this set indispensable. Killer stuff throughout."
Midwest Record - April, 2013

 "Earthy, voluptuous voice"
Boston Globe

"Destined to take her seat among the all-time greats...Sicilia is the perfect package deal…easy on the eye,
equally easy on the ear and with a delivery that is as powerful as any I have heard to date, and I've heard them all."
Billtown Blues Association

"Sicilia delivers a vocal and lyrical performance that rates alongside the titans of early-1960s soul."

"A line is drawn from the depth of her voice into way inside of the listener. It’s like the wind, you can’t see it but, boy, when it blows, you can sure feel something."
The Alternate Root

 "...impressive range and depth ...she's going to get even better with age."
Philadelphia Inquirer

"Not since Susan Tedeschi has a young female blues singer made such a strong impression...remarkable voice"
Blues Revue

"Gina Sicilia may be the best blues singer on the music scene today"

"Gina Sicilia's voice posessess such depth and breadth that she may indeed one day be mentioned alongside the giants in the blues idiom." 
Music City Blues

"...dramatically different from any of her peers. Her voice is robust and earthy...Gina Sicilia has a solid first album and star potential." 
Blues Wax