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This young woman is a force to be reckoned with...Surely a candidate for best album of 2017”

— LA Music Critic

She's at the top of her game”

— American Blues Scene

Not since Susan Tedeschi has a young female Blues singer made such an impression...remarkable voice”

— Blues Revue

Regarded as one of the finest vocalists currently practicing in the Blues field”

— Friday Blues Fix

Gina Sicilia's voice posessess such depth and breadth that she may indeed one day be mentioned alongside the giants in the blues idiom”

— Music City Blues

 Earthy, voluptuous voice”

— Boston Globe

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Behind the music 

I usually try not to get too personal on my blog or on social media and try to keep things as private as I can. That hasn't always worked out well because as we all know, people talk and gossip spreads like wildfire. So sometimes being able to keep private things private has been out of my control. But my new album is a lot about what has gone on in my personal and professional life since moving to Nashville 3 1/2 years ago and I wanted to share that. I'm thrilled that this new chapter has finally begun and I'm so proud of my new music. It's been a bumpy journey to get here, but an interesting one for sure. This album chronicles that. These songs aren't ideas I pulled out of thin air or wrote just for the hell of it. They are significant and they mean something. They really happened. They're true stories. In some cases I HAD to write them because it was the only thing way to comfort myself through tough a moment. There is one song I literally wrote WHILE crying. If the songs are a victory then the battle was hard won. A lot of stuff had to happen in order for the songs on this album to be written and recorded. I had to cry. A lot. I had to lose relationships. Be criticized. Be judged. Make huge mistakes. Get really angry. Feel hopeless. Feel humiliated. Feel like it was all over. Punish myself. Forgive myself. Let go. Leave Philadelphia. Move to Nashville. Start over. Feel hope. Have faith. Have ambition. Work really hard. Be persistent. Fail. Learn some hard lessons. Persevere. Get better. Get smarter. Get wiser. Get fed up. Feel scared for my life. Feel unappreciated. Feel adored. Feel hate. Feel love. Feel overwhelmed. Feel in control. Feel damaged. Feel healed. Feel regretful. Feel grateful. Feel weak. Feel like superwoman. Feel unimaginable pain. Feel so happy I couldn't wait to get up in the morning. I had to fall down and get up. Fall down again and get up again. And again. And through it all, through getting pulled back and forth between all this good and bad, I had to decide to keep moving. I still have to make that decision everyday. To keep going. To keep fighting. That's what this album is about. The constant tug of war of life. Still fighting. Never giving up.   
And living to write a song about it.   

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Pre-order new album "Tug Of War" 


(Nashville, TN) March 28, 2017 – Dynamic blues vocalist and veracious live performer Gina Sicilia’s new album, Tug of War, celebrates her status as one of the reigning voices in modern blues marking a potent evolution in her songwriting. This 11-song set is Sicilia’s seventh release since her emergence as a doyenne of the genre a... decade ago. Today, Sicilia’s life experiences coupled with her warm, flexible, emotionally-nuanced vocal styling resonates like never before. 

Sicilia will celebrate the cd release of Tug of War with a special show in her adopted hometown of Nashville on June 4th. Pre-orders for Tug of War are available today at

Official release date: June 2nd on Blue Elan Records

New album coming soon on Blue Elan Records 

Hey everyone,
There's a big announcement about my upcoming 7th album coming on Tuesday! To get all the latest news on my new Blue Élan Records release as well as summer tour dates, sign up for my mailing list right here at If you sign up before Tuesday you'll get a free song download and a first-look at the new CD cover! 

Thank you Omaha 

Amazing show in Omaha, Nebraska last night @ The 21st Saloon. Mighty awesome audience. Thank you to everyone for coming, staying all night, dancing, singing, yelling Encore and buying my CDs. I'll be seeing you again soon. LOVE you Omaha!! xo

Thank you Ann Arbor 

Wow! My first show in Ann Arbor, Michigan was a big success last night!! Over 100 people bought tickets, packed the room and showed their support...despite the snowy, arctic weather that could have kept them at home. Considering this was my first time performing here, I was thrilled with the turnout, to say the least. Thanks to the band, the audience, the caterers, the sound company, the awesome owners of the Ann Arbor Distilling Company, and most of all to James for being an amazing promoter and working with me on this show.  
I LOVE this town and look forward to making Ann Arbor a frequent stop on future tours.  


Lincoln, Nebraska on 1/10/17 

From the Lincoln Journal Star:

Gina Sicilia, 6 p.m. Tuesday, Zoo Bar - Lincoln, NE 
"Gina Sicilia, an Italian-American from Philadelphia, has, in the past decade, become one of the top female blues singers, a soulful powerhouse whose music rolls in some honky-tonk and jazz. “Sunset Avenue,” her latest album, was one of 2016’s best blues releases and she’s promising another LP this year"


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