A look back at Tug Of War/New Video

Back in June I released my seventh album, Tug Of War, on Blue Élan Records. Now that I've just finished recording my eighth album and am preparing for that release, I'd like to take one final look back and share one more song from Tug Of War before I release my new music.  

I'm incredibly grateful for the amazing response to Tug Of War from fans and critics alike, and to the radio stations and publications all over the world for embracing it. The album placed high on the Bluescharts and hit #1 on the Tennessee Roots Music chart for several consecutive weeks. It debuted at #3 on iTunes and has had a song in the top Blues Hot Tracks for over 9 months now.  

Many of the songs on the album are about coping with life's tumultuous moments and coming out on the end stronger than before. Many of the tunes are extremely personal but being able to write songs about things that trouble me is truly the silver lining. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this very personal music, I appreciate your support immensely. 

Before I release my eighth album, there is one last song from Tug Of War that I'd like to share. It's not a personal song, but it definitely comes from a place of frustration and sadness. It's undeniable that there's a tremendous amount of tension, hostility and division in today's political and social climate that seems to be growing worse with each passing year. The stress of this situation has taken a toll not only on our country and leaders, but on our own day-to-day lives, as it has nearly consumed us and, in many instances, destroyed lives and personal relationships. 

So with great compassion for everyone struggling through uncertain times, and with great hope for a peaceful tomorrow, I'm proud to present to you the official lyric video for "Never Gonna End" off my album Tug Of War.  

Thank you so much everyone, and please stay tuned for more music this year.